70 Philly Dingers, Dongers, or Taters

No matter what you call it they are impressive feats.  The Philadelphia Phillies are currently at 70 homeruns which leads Major League Baseball with the next team (Marlins) floundering 5 in the hole.  Are the bats starting to come alive in Philly?  Well if you consider 30 hits in the past 2 games lively then you have your answer.  The bulk of their homeruns are comprised of the the top 5 which are Chase Utley (14), Ryan Howard (13), Pat Burrell (11), Jayson Werth (9), and Pedro Feliz (7).  The Phillies are currently on pace to 231 towering drives this year which would be equal to the Milwaukee Brewers 2007 season totals.  Pat Gillick and Charlie Manuel put together a team this year that not only improved upon their starting rotation and bullpen, but they will even top out last year’s Phillies offensive on slaught.  What the Phillies fans waited 14 yrs for last year may be coming to us a little quicker this year!


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