Phillies – Adam Eaton in Search of a Win

Adam Eaton of the Philadelphia Phillies is still in search of his first win in 2008.  Adam Eaton has pitched in 10 games this season with 3 losses and 7 indecisions.  He has yet to have the backing from the Phillies offense to be able to walk away with a win.  Adam is currently sitting a 5.37 ERA for the year.  This does not accurately depict how well he has performed for the Phillies since his disappointing 2007 season with a 6.29 ERA.  The Phillies have already comitted 36 fielding errors in 2008 along with a .981 fielding percentage.  With with steady hand of Pedro Feliz added to the infield along with an already impressive line-up you would think that it would not be an issue.  Adam has pitched well enough to remain in the starter roll even with Kris Benson waiting in the wings.  I would question Kyle Kendrick this year along with his side kick Brett Myers.  Only time will tell whether Kris Benson will take over a starter role and if Adam Eaton will ever get support from his all star line-up . . . . . .


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