Phillies – Team of Brotherly Love

There are many reasons that someone may pick the Phillies to be their fan favorite.  It could be because of their incredible comeback wins.  The Phillies may be your team because of their unprecedented offense or the bold statements of their current 2 National League MVP’s.  My reasoning goes to the basics of the team including the teamwork and the ability to mesh as a cohesive unit.  I enjoy that they just have fun playing with one another.  The pure basics of the game like it was played when I was in Little League with my friends.  That goes with the Shane Victorino shaving cream pies in the face or to the Kyle Kendrick trade rumors thanks to Brett Myers.  The Phillies are a difficult team not to like even with their “Red Goes Green” recycling initiative.  They never blame one another for losses, but instead they just understand what needs to improve and they continue to work on it . . . . . . . Baseball at it’s fundamentals is just a game!  Enjoy.


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