Philadelphia Phillies – High Noon In The Lonestar State


 The Philadelphia Phillies won last night while hornswaggling the Texas Rangers in a 8-6 showdown.  The Phillies were able to match bat for bat against the Rangers that lead the majors in runs and RBI’s.  Also, Cole Hamels pitched his 8th win of the year while Brad Lidge was able to close the door on 19/19 saves.  Chase Utley and Ryan Howard smoked the longball out of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, TX.  This ties Chase Utley (23 HR) with Dan Uggla (23 HR) from the Florida Marlins with the most homeruns in the majors in 2008.  This surpasses last year’s 22 HR produced by Utley and we are only 82 games into the season.

     The Phillies pull  ahead in the N.L. standings with the eastern division all losing in yesterday’s games.  The Florida Marlins fall back to 2 games behind the Phightins with losing Dan Uggla to an ankle sprain.  The Braves and the Mets fall back to 4 games with the Mets losing the last 2 games during their subway series with the Yankees.  The Washington Nationals bring up the rear of the division with being an inflated 12 games in the defecit.

     The Phils are still trying to determine what they will do with Brett Myers and his starting rotation position.  They have considered moving Chad Durbin into the rotation and placing Myers in the bullpen.  There is always the option of J.A. Happ or Kris Benson that is pitching for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs today in a rehab assignment.  They may even consider to move to a temporary 4 man rotation until a determination can be made.  With those decisions looming veteran Jamie Moyer (4.09 ERA) takes the mound against the Rangers Eric Hurley (4.24 ERA) in the series finale and the end of interleague play for the year.


Philadelphia AB R H RBI BB SO LOB AVG
Rollins, SS 5 0 1 1 0 0 3 .264
Victorino, CF 5 1 1 0 0 2 2 .275
Utley, 2B 5 1 3 2 0 0 2 .298
Burrell, LF 3 1 0 0 1 1 1 .270
  Bruntlett, LF 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .239
Howard, 1B 3 2 1 2 1 1 1 .215
Dobbs, DH 4 1 1 0 0 0 1 .330
Feliz, 3B 4 1 1 0 0 0 1 .264
Werth, RF 3 0 1 2 1 0 0 .263
Coste, C 3 1 1 0 0 1 1 .314
Totals 36 8 10 7 3 5 13
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Philadelphia Phillies – Win Self Epic Battle

     Tonight the Phillies broke the 6 game losing streak with a shut out win of 4-0 against the Oakland Athletics.  The Phils were able to get back into their groove with accruing 11 hits over 9 innings and manufacturing run support for Kyle Kendrick’s 7th win of 2008.  Kyle pitched 8 innings while only allowing 4 hits and no earned runs with 1 walk.  J.C. Romero came in to seal the deal in the 9th while striking out 1 and allowing 1 walk.  The most important offensive break out tonight was from Chase Utley who went 4-5 at the plate.  Chase almost went the cycle with 2 singles, 1 double, and a triple.  Some other offensive notables were Pedro Feliz going 2-5 with an RBI triple and Chris Coste hitting 2-3.  Even though the Phightins stranded 11 runners on base they are showing signs of good base running and advancing the runners at the plate.

     With the win tonight the Phillies pull ahead to 2 games in the lead in the N.L. East.  The Florida Marlins’ were the only team in the eastern division to fall tonight with their loss to Tampa Bay.  The Phillies look ahead to gain some ground in their division before the All Star break.

     Tonight Adam Eaton (4.94 ERA) takes the mound in search of his 3rd win against Rich Harden (2.44 ERA) of the Athletics.  Adam has been able to keep his game ERA under 5.0 since May 28th.  If the Phillies offense shows up again tonight we should be ready to take on the Texas Rangers in the upcoming 3 game series.

Philadelphia Phillies – Moyer Hung Out To Dry


    The Philadelphia Phillies lost again tonight against the Oakland Athletics in a 5-2 final.  Jamie Moyer pitched an exceptional 1 hit game up to the 6th inning.  He then proceeded to drop another 4 hits in the 6th inning with 1 of those hits being a 3 run homerun.  So, you ask yourself why would would Charlie Manuel allow a 45 year starter who probably pitched some of the best 5 innings of his career to continue?  The Phillies Bullpen is well rested and they also rank # 1 in the Majors for ERA.  The Phillies need a win bad to break through this slump and though Moyer pitched well he is no Cole Hamels with longevity.  Tonight’s DH was Geoff Jenkins since Charlie had another one of his mystical feelings that he was going to do well with his .244 batting average.  Hey Charlie, Here’s a news flash – Jenkins went o-4 tonight . . .

     In addition to the need for starting pitching and a lefty in the bullpen, I hope the Phils are looking to improve upon their catching and right field position.  Carlos Ruiz and Geoff Jenkins are just not playing to the level needed to move us into World Series contention.  I will not reiterate my thoughts on So Taguchi, but I do feel that they are under utilizing Eric Bruntlett.  The Phightins have dropped 6 games in a row and somehow they remain in 1st place in the N.L. Eastern Division.  That says a lot about our competition this year.  Non-Existent . . . . .

Tonight Kyle Kendrick (5.06) takes the mound against Oakland’s Greg Smith (3.51) in hopes of accrueing his 7th win and the Phillies 1st win in 6 games.

Starting pitching on the market

Relief pitching on the market

Catchers on the market

Philadelphia Phillies – Subway Series Philly Style

Shibe Park/ Connie Mack Stadium
Capacity: 33,000
Dimensions: L-334, C-410, R-329
Early Major League baseball park opened in 1909. Renamed, 1953. Home to Athletics, 1909-1954; Phillies, 1938-1970. Site of three Negro L
eague World Series; five A’s World Series victories. Among first to host night games. Razed, 1976. (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)


The struggling Philadelphia Phillies brush themselves off for a renewed series against the Oakland Athletics.  The Phillies will clash with the Athletics whom they kicked out of Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium and sent to Kansas City in 1955.  The Phillies have persevered some offensive issues as of late as well as their number one starter finding himself unable to perform.  However, it is inevitable that the Phillies woes will be silenced with the sound of the boomsticks filling the air.  All teams go through slumps during the coarse of a season.  The Phightins should consider themselves fortunate that their slump should come sooner than later unlike last year’s flailing Mets and their historic end of the year collapse.  Even though it is hard to swallow right now Charlie Manuel is right in saying that “We are just too good of a team for this to continue much longer”.  The Phillies are currently sitting on a 20-17 road record which is better than it’s homestand.  Maybe with the day off and them being back on the road the Phightins can kick it into high gear when they match up with their days of ole’ crosstown A.L. competitor the “Philadelphia” Athletics.  The Athletics are currently in 2nd place in the A.L. West with a winning Pct of .547 which is almost equivalent to the Phils .545 Pct.  The Phillies heavily out weigh the competition in the following stats: RBI, OBP, AVG, SLG, HR, SB.  However, the Athletics dwarf the Phillies in pitching in the following categories: SO, ERA and the FPCT.  It will be a test to see if the Phillies bats are able to match-up with A.L. big guns of pitching.  If the Phillies are able to make through this road trip and remain in 1st place in the N.L. East then I will be looking forward to watching them in the post season with my rally towel ready . . . . Go Phightins !

Will The Real Philadelphia Phillies Please Stand Up ?

Last night the Phillies lost the 5th straight game to the Halos in a 3-2 hitting blunder by So Taguchi.  Yes, I know that your asking yourself “Who is So Taguchi” ?  Does it help if I say Pat Burrell’s Asst. runner boy ?  Gofer ?  No, well let’s just say he had better days in St. Louis . . . . .   It would not be fair to say that the Phils lost the game exclusively by So Taguchi’s hands or lack there of, but instead a culmination of poor offense in the middle of the order.  Charlie Manuel changed the line-up in hopes of sparking a flame, but all he received was 6 hits and yet, another loss.  I do not want to mention the fact that So Taguchi dropped a routine fly ball in left field on Saturday’s game.  I also do want to dwell on his stats, aaahhhhh yeah I do!  Check this out:

  • 63 – AB
  • .206 – AVG
  • .286 – OBP ** He did not improve on this tonight by swinging at ball 3
  • 4 – RBI
  • 0 – HR
  • 14 – Runs ** thanks to Pat Burrell for actually getting on base for him to run.
  • 13 – Hits
  • .931 – FPCT ** only player worse is T.J. Bohn, yeah that’s right the Iron Pigs guy.  Where Taguchi should be . . . . .

Why is he here ??  I would rather have Chris Snelling at least he can hit a ball or take one for the team . . . . .

All I am saying is that the Phils only have a 1 game lead with several tough series coming up.  Right now I do not see them in 1st place going into the All Star break.  Gillick,  hook a man up and get a different bench player other than So Taguchi.  Oh, and yes I do know that it is a team sport and yes So Taguchi is going to take the brunt of my frustration.  Come on win won for Lieberthal !!

Philadelphia Phillies – Offensive Woes Continue

The Mighty Philadelphia Phillies were once again silenced by the Angels of the American League.  The bats of the Phils have been struggling over the past several series.  This was the case last night against the Los Angeles Angels who they fell to with a score of 7-1.  The Angels racked up 17 hits compared to Phillies meager 2 from Coste and Victorino.  Adam Eaton gave up 6 runs and 12 hits in his 5 inning outing in which he tried to prove that he was worse than Brett Myers.  Impossible !!  Anyway the Phils are losing ground in the N.L. East and the series are only going to get tougher.  David Montgomery says that he is going to improve on a current postion(s) as long as everyone stays healthy and he does not have to fill a need like last year’s Tadihito Iguchi.  Hey, Dave keep an eye on your starting pitching staff – Sorry Cole, hold your ears . . . .   Tonight the marvelous Brett Myers (5.58 ERA) will take the mound in search of his 4th win this year against the Angels southpaw Joe Saunders (3.06 ERA).

Philadelphia Phillies – Success By Numbers

The Philadelphia Phillies have the night off to prepare for the upcoming barrage of teams that they must face for the next 22 games until the All Star game.  The Series are as follows:

  1. Angels
  2. A’s
  3. Rangers
  4. Braves
  5. Mets
  6. Cardinals
  7. Diamondbacks

This is by no doubt a difficult task, but If you research some of the stats it should ease some of your concern.  The Phils also rank in the top 5 in the Major League in Runs, RBI’s, HR, and SLG %.  Even with our most recent slump offensively we are well prepared for the road ahead . . . . .  Go Phightins!

The top 5 Batting Averages for regular position players are as follows:

  1. .294 – Chase Utley
  2. .289 – Jimmy Rollins
  3. .280 – Pat Burrell
  4. .278 – Shane Victorino
  5. .268 – Jayson Werth

The top 5 players for RBI’s:

  1. 63 – Ryan Howard
  2. 62 – Chase Utley
  3. 47 – Pat Burrell
  4. 33 – Pedro Feliz
  5. 28 – Jayson Werth

The top 5 ERA for starting pitchers:

  1. 3.23 – Cole Hamels
  2. 4.09  – Jamie Moyer
  3. 4.57 – Adam Eaton
  4. 5.06 – Kyle Kendrick
  5. 5.58 – Brett Myers

The top 5 OBP for regular position players:

  1. .421 – Pat Burrell
  2. .385 – Chase Utley
  3. .353 – Jimmy Rollins
  4. .351 – Jayson Werth
  5. .347 – Shane Victorino

The top 5 HR for position players:

  1. 22 – Chase Utley
  2. 19 – Ryan Howard
  3. 18 – Pat Burrell
  4. 09 – Jayson Werth
  5. 08 – Pedro Feliz