Philadelphia Phillies – Remembering The Vet

I happened to come across this picture of Veteran’s Stadium and it brought back memories from when I was a kid.  I remember my Dad taking me to see the Phillies in the family station wagon.  While we approached the giant cement monster it seemed as though it was never ending.  There is something very sad about destroying a gathering place that many generations have shared a common bond.  Even today with having Citizen’s Bank Park with all of it’s lavish ammenities there is still a place in my heart for the Vet.  I am not one to reflect on the past much but,  there is something to be said for knowing where you came from. 

Go Phightins !!



One Response

  1. I was at the Vet once (not for a game unfortunately), but I remember it was a sunny afternoon in July and about 2,000 degrees. Yikes. I got to watch the Philadelphia Eagles practice on a little field off to the side of the parking lot that day. I was 14 and that rawwwked my world.

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