Will The Real Philadelphia Phillies Please Stand Up ?

Last night the Phillies lost the 5th straight game to the Halos in a 3-2 hitting blunder by So Taguchi.  Yes, I know that your asking yourself “Who is So Taguchi” ?  Does it help if I say Pat Burrell’s Asst. runner boy ?  Gofer ?  No, well let’s just say he had better days in St. Louis . . . . .   It would not be fair to say that the Phils lost the game exclusively by So Taguchi’s hands or lack there of, but instead a culmination of poor offense in the middle of the order.  Charlie Manuel changed the line-up in hopes of sparking a flame, but all he received was 6 hits and yet, another loss.  I do not want to mention the fact that So Taguchi dropped a routine fly ball in left field on Saturday’s game.  I also do want to dwell on his stats, aaahhhhh yeah I do!  Check this out:

  • 63 – AB
  • .206 – AVG
  • .286 – OBP ** He did not improve on this tonight by swinging at ball 3
  • 4 – RBI
  • 0 – HR
  • 14 – Runs ** thanks to Pat Burrell for actually getting on base for him to run.
  • 13 – Hits
  • .931 – FPCT ** only player worse is T.J. Bohn, yeah that’s right the Iron Pigs guy.  Where Taguchi should be . . . . .

Why is he here ??  I would rather have Chris Snelling at least he can hit a ball or take one for the team . . . . .

All I am saying is that the Phils only have a 1 game lead with several tough series coming up.  Right now I do not see them in 1st place going into the All Star break.  Gillick,  hook a man up and get a different bench player other than So Taguchi.  Oh, and yes I do know that it is a team sport and yes So Taguchi is going to take the brunt of my frustration.  Come on win won for Lieberthal !!


3 Responses

  1. I’ll have to remember to send So Taguchi a thank you gift at the end of the season. The Mets are coming….!!!

    The Mets are 3.5 games back and coming off a 4-2 road trip in Anaheim and Colorado. And we got the Willie Randolph monkey off our backs on this road trip.

    Now we’ve got the Mariners at home for three games. The Phils won’t be in first place for long. I’m wondering if the Philly losing streak will hit double digits?

  2. July 4th you will see fireworks at Citizen Bank Park when the Mets come to town. I will be at the game on the 6th cheering on my good buddy Jose Reyes and his sea shell necklace. Anyway, I think the Mets should look around there club house some more because I believe that there are more monkeys that they missed on the 1st round. I look forward to some competition this year. Thanks Dave !

  3. Completely agree on Taguchi. It was a worthwhile gamble when they signed him, but he clearly isn’t working out, and even if adding Snelling means stocking up on lefties, so be it. Bruntlett can caddy for Burrell in the late innings if needed, or whoever of Werth/Jenkins isn’t playing can come on and play left field.

    And I don’t like the pitching matchups in the Oakland series at all. Fingers crossed the Phils can find a way to turn it around…

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