Philadelphia Phillies – Moyer Hung Out To Dry


    The Philadelphia Phillies lost again tonight against the Oakland Athletics in a 5-2 final.  Jamie Moyer pitched an exceptional 1 hit game up to the 6th inning.  He then proceeded to drop another 4 hits in the 6th inning with 1 of those hits being a 3 run homerun.  So, you ask yourself why would would Charlie Manuel allow a 45 year starter who probably pitched some of the best 5 innings of his career to continue?  The Phillies Bullpen is well rested and they also rank # 1 in the Majors for ERA.  The Phillies need a win bad to break through this slump and though Moyer pitched well he is no Cole Hamels with longevity.  Tonight’s DH was Geoff Jenkins since Charlie had another one of his mystical feelings that he was going to do well with his .244 batting average.  Hey Charlie, Here’s a news flash – Jenkins went o-4 tonight . . .

     In addition to the need for starting pitching and a lefty in the bullpen, I hope the Phils are looking to improve upon their catching and right field position.  Carlos Ruiz and Geoff Jenkins are just not playing to the level needed to move us into World Series contention.  I will not reiterate my thoughts on So Taguchi, but I do feel that they are under utilizing Eric Bruntlett.  The Phightins have dropped 6 games in a row and somehow they remain in 1st place in the N.L. Eastern Division.  That says a lot about our competition this year.  Non-Existent . . . . .

Tonight Kyle Kendrick (5.06) takes the mound against Oakland’s Greg Smith (3.51) in hopes of accrueing his 7th win and the Phillies 1st win in 6 games.

Starting pitching on the market

Relief pitching on the market

Catchers on the market


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