Philadelphia Phillies – Fight For Survival


    The Philadelphia Phillies square off tomorrow against their biggest division rival the New York Mets.  The Phillies have the newly aquired right hander Joe Blanton (4.96 ERA) taking the mound against the Mets’ ace Johann Santana (3.10 ERA) .  Blanton has yet to give up a run in 15 career innings against the Mets organization.  On Wednesday opening day starter Brett Myers (5.84 ERA) will make his return back to the Phillies after his 4 minor league starts in Lehigh Valley, Reading and Clearwater against John Maine (4.22 ERA).  Myers was sent to down to help regain confidence in his fastball and reacquire his swagger in which he believes he has accomplished.  There is probably no other team that will test Myer’s resolve better than the Mets.  He is already setting the stage telling the reporters that he does not like the Mets so, be prepared for a battle.  Jamie Moyer (3.90 ERA) will finish off the 3 game series at Shea looking for double digits in his win column against Oliver Perez (4.36 ERA) which has had some shaky outings.  The Phillies need to regroup offensively and get back to basics by getting on base and manufacturing runs by moving the  runners into scoring position via sac bunts, flys or stealing bases.  They need to win 2 out of 3 in every series in the 2nd half of the season to be in contention for the post season.  I would not rely of the wild card with as well as the central division is currently playing.  Go Phightins !!


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