Philadelphia Phillies – MVP Attitude

     The saying lead by example does not come to mind when speaking of Jimmy Rollins recently.  Rollins was benched again today in the final series against the New York Mets.  Jimmy missed the team bus to Shea and decided to drive himself, but the traffic and lights hindered his transit.  Rollins did not make it to Shea until 1 hr prior to the game start.  He was quickly summoned to the Manager’s office and scratched off of today’s line-up.  Jimmy was replaced by the hard working Eric Bruntlett that went 3-4 with 2 doubles.  Bruntlett covered the short stop position for the reigning MVP while he was injured earlier in the year.  Other than having a rough 1st outing Bruntlett has proven himself worthy to fill the shoes of some of the most difficult positions on the field.

     Rollins is not new to contraversy when he was benched on June 5th by Charlie Manuel for failure to run out a routine fly ball that dropped.  Jimmy was also questioned recently about his strolling run into 3rd base that may have resulted in a run scoring if he would have given Steve Smith (3rd Base Coach) some hustle.  This is another report that Jimmy see differently than the coaching and managing staff.

     I’m not sure what city Jimmy thinks that he is playing for, but he has been highly disappointing this year with his lack of production and more importantly his “MVP” attitude.


2 Responses

  1. I guess the Fans didn’t energize him enough to get there on time!

  2. interesting series this weekend. As I comment it’s a tie game. Looks like it’s gonna get close and if the Braves can get their act together it may come down to the wire for the pennant

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