Philadelphia Phillies – Approaching The Fishing Hole

The Philadelphia Phillies have that night off while transitioning back into Citizen Bank Park.   The Phillies had just came off of a 6 game road trip in which they swept the Nationals and won 2 out of 3 against the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Phils offense is just starting to heat up by accrueing 48 hits over the recent road trip.  The Phightins have a 6 game homestand where they will play against the Fish and the Bucs.  The Marlins are the Phillies closest competitor in the N.L. Eastern Division.  They currently sit on 2.5 games back behind the division leading Phillies.  The Phillies lead the Marlins in HR, AVG, OBP, SLG, and hits even after coming off of their 2 offensive slumps.  However, the folks at the Bright Orange Seats think that the Florida Marlins will be there with us at the end of September.  Yeah, and I think the Nationals will win the N.L. Eastern Division.  Seriously though with the good looks of Cody Ross and Jorge Cantu as well as the girlish looks of Scott Olsen and the actual marlin looking Dan Uggla they may have a chance . . . . . .

           Ross                          Cantu                          Olsen                       Uggla



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