Philadelphia Phillies – Endorsing The Diaper Genie

The Phillies have officially shit their pants by being swept by the Dodgers on a 4 game series.  Out of everything I know about the Phillies the offense is the one thing that I could always say is a constant.  Well, that time has come and gone . . . .   It used to be the starting pitching and then it was the shabby defense.  Oh, yes let’s not forget the bullpen and the base running.  It has finally come to a head when you say it is the Phils offense that is losing games.  The next thing will be the bat boy is not pulling his own weight on the team.  Maybe we should trade our bat boy and get Matt Holliday who knows how to make contact with a ball.  On the upside of things the Phillies are going against the Padres and then the Nationals.  We maybe be able to win a couple of games against the two worst teams in the National League.


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