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 My son Austin and I attending a Phillies vs Mets game

The Iron Pigs mascot and I just hanging out

My Dad and I at the Phillies vs Mets game on July 6th 2008 soaked in a rain delay

 My Beagle/Dachshund (Roscoe) is also a Phillies Phan !

I am a life long Phillies Phan and have since converted my entire family over to this just cause.  They all have their own routine on game day along with superstitions, songs, clothing and of course the Phillies hotdogs.  Sometimes they even scare me with their neurosis . . . .  I sometimes find myself dancing around a campfire like Tom Hanks saying to myself “Look what I have created” just like in the movie Cast Away.  Anyway I hope that you enjoy reading my blog.  I keep it light hearted and overly biased toward the Phillies’ best interest.  Like most Phillies Phans I am also exceedingly critical of every decision that they make, but then again I have been an honorary member of their team for 30+ years . . . . . . .


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  1. Good morning, Phanatic74,
    Thanks for recognizing your new Phillies Fan. I am enjoying my intro to PhilliesNation. I’m the guy from Arizona, via Minnesota. I’m a lifelong outdoor baseball fan….I’ve never grown up ! My real interest in the Phillies comes thru Chris Coste, I just finished reading his book, plus I;’ve always liked the Phillies uniform….VERY classey. Saw them initially at Yankee Stadium back in 2000, sat with some Phillies’ fans that day….you guys are passionate !! Chris Coste you ask?….we both went to Concordia College, a DIII school in Northern Minnesota. I played baseball back then (1964-67) for the Cobbers & got introduced to Coste this past April when I noticed a guy from Concordia made the final roster cut with the Phillies. I thought it was a misprint as it’s extremely rare and unusual for anyone from Concordia (or the MIAC Conference) to pursue professional baseball, much less make a major league roster. I’ve never met Chris, but e mailed a congratulatory message to him, when he e mailed me back some further research discovered his remarkable background. I subsequently bought and read “The 33 Year Old Rookie” and have been following Chris & the Phillies ever since. All of this has led me to you & evidently a pretty good collection of Phillies Fans…..this is GREAT !!! Go, Go Phillies & thanks for your efforts !! EPL

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback . . . . Keep the comments coming and I will continue to try and provide interesting info on the red and white pinstripes for your Phanatic side !

  3. phanatic74….
    I just added your web site to my “popular links” section at my web site (www.theliangroup.com)….please let me know if that is O.K.

    Phillies Forever !! EPL

  4. OOOPPPPSS….minor details….it’s Phillies Phorever !!


  5. Thanks for the comment on my Mets article. Sorry to find out you’re a Phillies fan though 🙂

    Actually, I’m going to my first Phillies game on Wed. 6/18 and despite being a Mets fan, I just don’t think there’s any way I could root for the Red Sox. So I’ll be a Phanatic for at least one game.

  6. Did you seriously compare Derrek Lee to Dennis Rodman? Really!? Is it because they are both black male athletes!? Haha…just kidding. But seriously–don’t ever do that again.

    On another note…I’m impressed to see that hard core Phillies Phans still exist. Props to you…

    Oh the shit you could talk about me being a hard core Cubs fan, but like I tell all the others…what more excitement can you get from a single team? It doesn’t matter who we play or when we play them–it’s never over until it’s over. That’s what I love the best–the pure excitement of the unknown.

    Thanks for your comment on the blog, and I’ll have you know that today the eye goop is much better! 🙂

  7. Thanks for commenting on the ADD Show site. I’ve added you to our blogroll. Think you could add our link? Great Phillies coverage, man. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hey….is this FUN, or what?! I believe the Phillies can go all the way. Rollins’ home run to start last nights clincher over the Dodgers set the tone. The Phillies vs Rays World Series will be one for the record books. And how about Coach Bucky Burgau’s prodigy….Chris Coste….imagine that….a Cobber in the World Series….this is all too much !!!

  9. Whew….this is all too much for me. What an intro to Phillies Nation, we’re up 1-0 in the 2008 World Series. Hey, I might be a good luck charm….keep me in the lineup. I believe we can win the whole shootin’ match in FIVE games. I think both Rollins & Utley can still share the Series’ MVP. Go Go Phillies !!

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