Philadelphia Phillies – Road To The Unknown

Tonight the Phillies are going into the 3rd game of a 3 game series against the Washington Nationals in which they will intend for a sweep.  More importantly than the Nats are the uncoming series against some of the Phightins toughest competitors.  The Phils start off with another 4 game series against the Dodgers, but this time it is at home on our turf at Citizen Bank Park.  Next we have a 2 game series with the Mets at home and then we go on the road to Chicago.  In Chicago we face off against the Cubs in Wrigley Field which is one of the toughest divisions this year.  However, if we can remain close to the Mets for the remainder of August we have a chance at taking over 1st place in September.  The Phillies have an extremely weak schedule in September except for a series with the Mets and Brewers.  The remainder  of the month consists of mostly the Marlins, Nationals, and Braves.

The Pitching match-up tonight is Jamie “the ace” Moyer against Tim Redding.  Redding a pitcher whom is usually lethal against the Phillies line-up was waxed last time against the Phightins in DC.  Redding allowed 7 runs in just 4 innings against the Phillies on July 30th.

On a side note catcher David Ross will not be joining the Phillies for the division run.  He has decided to accept an offer from Boston.  Pat Gillick remains optimistic that they will be able to acquire another bat.  He had said it would more likely be a bench player as opposed to a position player.  Gillick said that they feel comfortable with Jayson Werth in right field.  In addition, I would expect to see Lou Marson in the wing when they are allowed expand on their roster.


Philadelphia Phillies – Endorsing The Diaper Genie

The Phillies have officially shit their pants by being swept by the Dodgers on a 4 game series.  Out of everything I know about the Phillies the offense is the one thing that I could always say is a constant.  Well, that time has come and gone . . . .   It used to be the starting pitching and then it was the shabby defense.  Oh, yes let’s not forget the bullpen and the base running.  It has finally come to a head when you say it is the Phils offense that is losing games.  The next thing will be the bat boy is not pulling his own weight on the team.  Maybe we should trade our bat boy and get Matt Holliday who knows how to make contact with a ball.  On the upside of things the Phillies are going against the Padres and then the Nationals.  We maybe be able to win a couple of games against the two worst teams in the National League.