Philadelphia Phillies – J.A. Happ Pulled From Iron Pigs

     J.A. Happ was pulled last night in the 3rd inning from the Iron Pigs while playing the Richmond Braves.  Happ up to that point pitched 2 2/3 scoreless innings and was yanked off of the mound and replaced by Steve Green.  There are many rumors swirling that Happ is either being called up to Philly or has been traded off to gain another bat or lefty in the bullpen.  I also have read that Happ was seen being congratulated in the dugout after being pulled, but there was no news release as of yet.

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Philadelphia Phillies – Subway Series Philly Style

Shibe Park/ Connie Mack Stadium
Capacity: 33,000
Dimensions: L-334, C-410, R-329
Early Major League baseball park opened in 1909. Renamed, 1953. Home to Athletics, 1909-1954; Phillies, 1938-1970. Site of three Negro L
eague World Series; five A’s World Series victories. Among first to host night games. Razed, 1976. (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)


The struggling Philadelphia Phillies brush themselves off for a renewed series against the Oakland Athletics.  The Phillies will clash with the Athletics whom they kicked out of Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium and sent to Kansas City in 1955.  The Phillies have persevered some offensive issues as of late as well as their number one starter finding himself unable to perform.  However, it is inevitable that the Phillies woes will be silenced with the sound of the boomsticks filling the air.  All teams go through slumps during the coarse of a season.  The Phightins should consider themselves fortunate that their slump should come sooner than later unlike last year’s flailing Mets and their historic end of the year collapse.  Even though it is hard to swallow right now Charlie Manuel is right in saying that “We are just too good of a team for this to continue much longer”.  The Phillies are currently sitting on a 20-17 road record which is better than it’s homestand.  Maybe with the day off and them being back on the road the Phightins can kick it into high gear when they match up with their days of ole’ crosstown A.L. competitor the “Philadelphia” Athletics.  The Athletics are currently in 2nd place in the A.L. West with a winning Pct of .547 which is almost equivalent to the Phils .545 Pct.  The Phillies heavily out weigh the competition in the following stats: RBI, OBP, AVG, SLG, HR, SB.  However, the Athletics dwarf the Phillies in pitching in the following categories: SO, ERA and the FPCT.  It will be a test to see if the Phillies bats are able to match-up with A.L. big guns of pitching.  If the Phillies are able to make through this road trip and remain in 1st place in the N.L. East then I will be looking forward to watching them in the post season with my rally towel ready . . . . Go Phightins !

Phillies – Adam Eaton in Search of a Win

Adam Eaton of the Philadelphia Phillies is still in search of his first win in 2008.  Adam Eaton has pitched in 10 games this season with 3 losses and 7 indecisions.  He has yet to have the backing from the Phillies offense to be able to walk away with a win.  Adam is currently sitting a 5.37 ERA for the year.  This does not accurately depict how well he has performed for the Phillies since his disappointing 2007 season with a 6.29 ERA.  The Phillies have already comitted 36 fielding errors in 2008 along with a .981 fielding percentage.  With with steady hand of Pedro Feliz added to the infield along with an already impressive line-up you would think that it would not be an issue.  Adam has pitched well enough to remain in the starter roll even with Kris Benson waiting in the wings.  I would question Kyle Kendrick this year along with his side kick Brett Myers.  Only time will tell whether Kris Benson will take over a starter role and if Adam Eaton will ever get support from his all star line-up . . . . . .

Lidge – Closing the Door 12 Times

There is something to be said for not worrying about the 9th inning anymore.  With the acquisition of Brad Lidge from the Houston Astros that is no longer a concern.  Brad has saved 12 / 12 games so far in 2008 which proves himself worthy of replacing Myers as the closer.  That is 100% in my play book . . . . .   He also has a 0.43 ERA as well as 24 strike outs due to his awesome slider fastball combo.  My only concern with Lidge would be that the Phillies are going to need to spend some $ to be able to keep him next year after his contract expires.  This years’s $6,350,000.00 is not going to cut it to keep him in Philly.  I would like to see Lidge be able to beat his Houston record of 123 saves, but only in the city of brotherly love.

70 Philly Dingers, Dongers, or Taters

No matter what you call it they are impressive feats.  The Philadelphia Phillies are currently at 70 homeruns which leads Major League Baseball with the next team (Marlins) floundering 5 in the hole.  Are the bats starting to come alive in Philly?  Well if you consider 30 hits in the past 2 games lively then you have your answer.  The bulk of their homeruns are comprised of the the top 5 which are Chase Utley (14), Ryan Howard (13), Pat Burrell (11), Jayson Werth (9), and Pedro Feliz (7).  The Phillies are currently on pace to 231 towering drives this year which would be equal to the Milwaukee Brewers 2007 season totals.  Pat Gillick and Charlie Manuel put together a team this year that not only improved upon their starting rotation and bullpen, but they will even top out last year’s Phillies offensive on slaught.  What the Phillies fans waited 14 yrs for last year may be coming to us a little quicker this year!

Phils Back on the Throne

Phightins reach the top once again with their win against the Padres.  More importantly than the Phillies reaching #1 in the NL East is that Ryan Howard may have awoke from his winter slumber.  The Phillies won the game 3 – 2 with a solo home run by the reining 2006 NL MVP.  Not only did he hit a towering drive into the stands, but he also hit an double off of the wall earlier in the game.  All we need now is J-Roll to return from the DL and we can ride the bullpen all the way into the post season.