Philadelphia Phillies – Welcome Joe Blanton !!


   Tonight I heard that the Phillies acquired Joe Blanton through a trade of 3 minor league prospects.  The Phillies sent Adrian Cardenas, Josh Outman and Matthew Spencer in return for the solid right handed hurler.  With Brett Myers still slated to return on 07/23 against the Mets that pushes Adam Eaton out of the rotation and into the bullpen.  This will allow the Phillies to fill a a right handed void where Tom Gordon was at prior to his stint on the D.L.  Now all we need is another lefty in the bullpen as well as another catcher that is productive and another lefty bench player to platoon with Jayson Werth in right field.  Sorry Jenkins . . . .  Oh. and the answer is not So Taguchi either !!  You can check out some more info on Joe at his blog site:

Big Joe’s Bluegrass Blog

Thanks Joe and welcome to Philly . . . . . . . .


Philadelphia Phillies – If I Was Pat Gillick For A Day

1.  My starting rotation would look like the following:

  1. Cole Hamels
  2. Brett Myers
  3. Jamie Moyer
  4. Kyle Kendrick
  5. J.A. Happ

     Trade Adam Eaton or make him another righty in the bullpen to replace Tom Gordon.  Tom Gordon should no longer be in the Phillies future.  He is no Jamie Moyer . . . . .

2.  I would either trade off Carlos Ruiz or reassign him to AA or AAA.  Then bring up Lou Marson as a replacement.  If he is not ready bring up Jason Jaramillo from the Iron Pigs.

3.  Geoff Jenkins needs to be traded off for another lefty to platoon with Jayson Werth in right field.

4.  So Taguchi is an absolute waste and needs to be outright released and can be replaced by Snelling or someone else from the Iron Pigs. (Not T.J. Bohn) !! 

    None of this is rocket science, but all I hear about is getting another starter.  Why?  Okay we do need another lefty in the bullpen, but do not sacrifice our future for it by trading Carrasco or Marson.  If they focus on fixing our current issues like Jenkins, Taguchi, and Ruiz we will be solid enough to go in the post season.  If the front office would not be so proud we could have come back and counter offered Kyle Lohse before he was picked up by the Cardinals.  We would be in excellent shape since we acquired Chad Durbin.  With all of this being taken into consideration I’m sure they will most likely do the exact opposite of everything that I’ve stated.  I’m glad that this is Pat Gillick’s last year with the organization . . . . .

Philadelphia Phillies – Moyer Hung Out To Dry


    The Philadelphia Phillies lost again tonight against the Oakland Athletics in a 5-2 final.  Jamie Moyer pitched an exceptional 1 hit game up to the 6th inning.  He then proceeded to drop another 4 hits in the 6th inning with 1 of those hits being a 3 run homerun.  So, you ask yourself why would would Charlie Manuel allow a 45 year starter who probably pitched some of the best 5 innings of his career to continue?  The Phillies Bullpen is well rested and they also rank # 1 in the Majors for ERA.  The Phillies need a win bad to break through this slump and though Moyer pitched well he is no Cole Hamels with longevity.  Tonight’s DH was Geoff Jenkins since Charlie had another one of his mystical feelings that he was going to do well with his .244 batting average.  Hey Charlie, Here’s a news flash – Jenkins went o-4 tonight . . .

     In addition to the need for starting pitching and a lefty in the bullpen, I hope the Phils are looking to improve upon their catching and right field position.  Carlos Ruiz and Geoff Jenkins are just not playing to the level needed to move us into World Series contention.  I will not reiterate my thoughts on So Taguchi, but I do feel that they are under utilizing Eric Bruntlett.  The Phightins have dropped 6 games in a row and somehow they remain in 1st place in the N.L. Eastern Division.  That says a lot about our competition this year.  Non-Existent . . . . .

Tonight Kyle Kendrick (5.06) takes the mound against Oakland’s Greg Smith (3.51) in hopes of accrueing his 7th win and the Phillies 1st win in 6 games.

Starting pitching on the market

Relief pitching on the market

Catchers on the market

Will The Real Philadelphia Phillies Please Stand Up ?

Last night the Phillies lost the 5th straight game to the Halos in a 3-2 hitting blunder by So Taguchi.  Yes, I know that your asking yourself “Who is So Taguchi” ?  Does it help if I say Pat Burrell’s Asst. runner boy ?  Gofer ?  No, well let’s just say he had better days in St. Louis . . . . .   It would not be fair to say that the Phils lost the game exclusively by So Taguchi’s hands or lack there of, but instead a culmination of poor offense in the middle of the order.  Charlie Manuel changed the line-up in hopes of sparking a flame, but all he received was 6 hits and yet, another loss.  I do not want to mention the fact that So Taguchi dropped a routine fly ball in left field on Saturday’s game.  I also do want to dwell on his stats, aaahhhhh yeah I do!  Check this out:

  • 63 – AB
  • .206 – AVG
  • .286 – OBP ** He did not improve on this tonight by swinging at ball 3
  • 4 – RBI
  • 0 – HR
  • 14 – Runs ** thanks to Pat Burrell for actually getting on base for him to run.
  • 13 – Hits
  • .931 – FPCT ** only player worse is T.J. Bohn, yeah that’s right the Iron Pigs guy.  Where Taguchi should be . . . . .

Why is he here ??  I would rather have Chris Snelling at least he can hit a ball or take one for the team . . . . .

All I am saying is that the Phils only have a 1 game lead with several tough series coming up.  Right now I do not see them in 1st place going into the All Star break.  Gillick,  hook a man up and get a different bench player other than So Taguchi.  Oh, and yes I do know that it is a team sport and yes So Taguchi is going to take the brunt of my frustration.  Come on win won for Lieberthal !!

Philadelphia Phillies – Hung Up By The Sox

Yesterday the Philadelphia Phillies dropped the 2nd game in the 3 game series against the Boston Red Sox.  Kyle Kendrick was pulled after 3 innings for walking 2 batters and allowing 6 hits along with 6 earned runs.  The Phillies offense was stagnent once again with only getting 6 hits and Victorino, Utley, Burrell, Jenkins, Coste, and Werth being a non factor.  The heart of the Phillies offensive line-up has had it’s recent struggles with a lack luster on base percentage.  The Phils have only been able to win 3 of their last nine games against the Marlins, Cardinals, and the Boston Red Sox.  With the trade deadline approaching fast the Phillies need to asess what positions if any they intend to improve upon.  They obviously have a need for a starting pitcher by removing Myers as well as a left-hander in the bullpen replacing Condrey, Gordon, or Seanez.  Why be satified there when you could improve on the bench with removing So Taguchi or finding a more stable everyday right fielder and replacing Jenkins who struggles at the plate.  There is plenty of room for improvement with July 31st approaching.  The Phillies must know by now that they are a team in contention for their division.  I would be surprised if there are not any changes made by Gillick to solidify this team.

Phillies – Utley is Back in the Chase


Do you see any resemblance?  No, well both of them have the ability to unleash their bats and cause untold havoc on their opponents . . . .   Utley was back in his rare form yesterday when belted in 6 RBI’s against the Colorado Rockies.  The Philadelphia Phillies as a team knocked in 20 runs on 19 hits and rung the bells from Philly to Gotham.  Jamie Moyer was able to collect his 5th win of the season thanks to his unrivaled offensive barrage by his teammates.  Chase Utley went 3 for 6 with a 3 run homerun in the 1st inning to answer back to Ryan Spilborghs 3 run homer in the top of the 1st.  Chris Coste and So Taguchi both had a 3 hit game along with Pedro Feliz going 4 for 6 at the plate.  The Phillies have had an incredible streak over the past 2 games having slugged 35 runs scored on 35 hits.  Maybe this is just a little payback from last year’s post season?